Why Cofi?

I’ve built Cofi after getting frustrated with the lack of privacy-respecting, small, and fast, timers. None of the apps in the Play Store could be used in the way, that I want to use them. Additionally, it was a great way to try out new Android development ways, like: Jetpack Compose, DataStore, and build features that I’ve never done before.


  • No artificial limits - create any recipe you want, no matter how outrageous it might seem,
  • Deeplinks to recipes - you can add it to automation software or NFC tag to open your favorite recipe with one tap,
  • Picture in Picture - need to respond to a text while brewing? The timer will pop into small movable windows that will stay with you for the entire brew,
  • Absolutely no tracking - not even a crash report will make its way back to me. Everything you do in the app stays with you,
  • Smallest footprint possible - I’m going to be surprised if it ever breaks 7MB on your device
  • Instant app (Google Play Store only) - the whole app is accessible as an Instant Experience, no need to install anything if you don’t want it.

How it looks?


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